What is JICWEBS?

The internet is a primary platform for advertising as more consumers use online to access content. Rights holders, investors, advertisers, media owners all need robust, reliable ways to measure performance and benchmark themselves against best practice for trading online advertising. This is where JICWEBS comes in.

JICWEBS (The Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards in the UK and Ireland) was created by the UK and Ireland media industry to ensure independent development of standards for measuring performance online and benchmarking best practice for online ad trading.

BPA-iCompli is an approved verification provider to the Digital Trade Standards Group (DTSG) standards.

The DTSG was developed by JICWEBS to facilitate the safe buying and selling of digital advertising and ensure independent comparability of web measurement. According to DTSG guidelines, all members must use a third-party verification provider approved by JICWEBS to verify adherence to the Good Practice Principles.

The DTSG’s Good Practice Principles program places a focus on transparency and accountability, two principles iCompli was founded upon. Organizations can now turn to iCompli to serve as their verification provider to DTSG standards, which will bring additional trust and assurance to the online advertising marketplace.

In addition, in August 2016, JICWEBS published the following Good Practice Principles against which companies, such as publishers, agencies and ad tech providers, can be verified to confirm their processes reduce the risk of ad fraud.

View/download Good Practice Principles (PDF).

Companies, such as publishers, agencies and ad tech providers can now sign up to have their policies and processes, which reduce the risk of exposure to ad fraud, independently verified.