Keep Consumer Data Secure


BPA-iCompli provides independent, third-party assurance of compliance with information system security and data privacy best practices following leading digital industry protocols. The engagements are performed by staff recognized as Certified Information System Auditors (CISA) and supervised by an executive staff CPA. iCompli verifies adherence to recommended guidelines and accepted best practices of industry bodies and government, as well as internal policies and controls.

iCompli assurance:

  • Provides senior leadership with an unbiased analysis of how current data protection procedures measure up and identifies potential vulnerabilities.
  • Determines how digitally collected consumer data is controlled within the current environment.
  • Validates that the organization is abiding by best practices surrounding consumer data governance and digital privacy.

iCompli objectives:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Data Protection Analysis

iCompli deliverables:

  • Audit opinion letter to be used as public document.
  • Management report detailing audit findings as measured against specific control objectives and activities. The report will contain vulnerabilities and recommendations that are intended for internal use.
  • iCompli logo and press release detailing the project (optional) for marketing purposes.