Digital Out of Home (DOOH)/Point of Care

BPA iCompli Tech Assurance Offers Independent Validation for Point of Care Advertising

As digital technology continues to grow, it has allowed Pharmaceutical marketers and content providers to provide new ways to share important information and relevant messages with patients at doctors' offices through digital media (TV, tablets, wall boards, wifi), as well as printed materials. At the same time, questions about the validity and quality of campaign results are surfacing as advertising investment in these channels continues to increase.

How It Works

Through its independent, third-party audit, BPA iCompli Tech Assurance provides brings a higher level of transparency to conversations between point-of-care advertisers and content providers.

The BPA iCompli Tech Assuranceaudit goes under the hood of the campaign to determine whether a point-of-care content provider's system is delivering accurate, reliable and consistent metrics.

Audit Process

During the audit, BPA iCompli Tech Assurance will gather and/or prepare documentation to support the company's impression measurement, click measurement, site distribution, and device distribution policies, procedures, and controls. The engagement will also include documentation review, manager interviews, process demonstrations, evidence collection and substantive tests, covering:

Platform Review

  • Platform architecture
  • Site Qualification - Device installations
  • Inventory management
  • Advertising delivery process
  • Impression measurement
  • Data filtering
  • Invalid traffic filtering
  • Reporting
  • Systems monitoring and hardware
  • Software development
  • Access controls
  • Documentation standards
  • Disclosure and definitions

Campaign Reporting (Contingent upon a successful Platform Review)

  • Insertion order site match
  • # of Sites
  • # of Devices
  • # of Impressions
  • Click data

For more information on how BPA iCompli Tech Assurance third-party audits can add transparency and trust to your Point of Care Advertising platforms and campaigns, contact Dan Schneider at or 203-447-2820.